Featured Committee: Living in Kansai Committee


Jay Isaac

Marketing & Communications Coordinator American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
Apr. 19, 2013

The Living in Kansai (LIK) Committee believes that one order of business is to help build better relationships between people. One way to do this is to give our members a chance to get to know one another on a social level. We always strive to create the types of events that bring people together. Whether it is one the semi-annual meishi exchanges, our own World Barbecue Classic, or tying in with other Kansai-based organizations like the annual JASO Thanksgiving Dinner we work to break down barriers and build up relationships.

The LIK Committee has always thought of itself as a group that believes life is too short to be focused solely on business. Life should also be fun and we dedicate ourselves to the principle of bringing both work and pleasure together. That said, we also think that the events we create and bring people together in a social environment where we can relax and network on both professional and personal levels.

Our next event is our annual Spring Meishi exchange on April 18th at the St. Regis Hotel. It promises to fulfill our goals of getting people together. The theme is “Casino Night” and it promises to be an excellent opportunity to reach across industries and cultures, in a casual and relaxed environment. The money may be funny but this event will be all business.

Here is a partial list of some upcoming events we are either leading or supporting.

  • Tour of the latest development of the Umeda business district “Grand Front Osaka” on April 19
  • American Wine Day (Supported by the ACCJ LIK Committee) at the Ritz Carleton on May 23.
  • The World Barbecue Classic at the Hyatt Regency on June 1

Please check back ACCJ Event Calendar for confirmed event details.

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