This weeks live with Phillip David Hunter


Richard Dawson

Owner Parabola
Aug. 23, 2013


Saturday 24th of August:
The songs we love (Jazz, R&B, Pop) Phillip Hunter (Vocals) Toshi Maezawa
(Keyboard) 22.00 -00.00 no cover charge!


Phillip David Hunter (The songs we love, Aug-24)

Philip is a native of Los Angeles, grew up surrounded by a wide variety of musical influences. With both parents being musicians themselves, the sounds of jazz, gospel, classical, and popular music were a natural part of life. At an early age Phillip began to sing, and with his father's instruction and accompaniment his gift flourished. After winning “Best Vocalist” honors for a single performance his senior year in high school, Phillip knew he could take it to the next level, turning professional at 18. A short time later, Phillip began singing with hard- hitting gospel groups such as the Los Angeles Cathedral Choir, The Music & Arts Seminar Choir, and the Anointed-7, further honing his craft. Soon he would sing on the recordings of such artists as Michael Bolton, Enrique Iglesias, and Jennifer Paige. Phillip also landed gigs backing-up Chaka Khan, Brian McKnight, Gloria Estefan, John Tesh, Juan Gabrielle and also had the privilege of performing with Peabo Bryson in a national tour production of “Raisin” playing the role of Asagi. While working as a singer, performing in theatre productions and touring overseas, there was another facet of his gift that had been in development: songwriting.

Growing as a songwriter was a natural progression for this artist whose goal has always been to communicate real emotion. Phillip`s work can be heard on Top Model, various MTV programs, and others. His co-write on the Eden's Crush (Pop Stars) project “One Thousand Words” (Mil Palabras) gave him his first writer's credit for an album. Soon after making the transition to Tokyo in March 2007, Phillip was cast in the “Seasons of Love” video with K. As a result he was hired as a background vocalist for live television and radio broadcasts, as well as major venues in Tokyo and Osaka. The next major opportunity came when Phillip landed a gig with Anri singing lead and background vocals, touring, and performing on various television programs. Singing at the Budokan in Shunsuke Kiyokiba`s gospel choir was a great way to begin 2010, performing the last two shows for the finale of his tour. More recently, Phillip provided background vocals on the “Fire” coffee commercial starring Hideki Matsui. Phillip can be heard at various venues on the Tokyo music scene, and currently can be seen performing with his multifaceted Tokyo-based group GrassRoots. Whether he`s performing, recording, or writing, Phillip's pursuit of truthful self- expression is endless.