It’s based on a concept of traditional Japanese culture and heartwarming hospitality:Shuku Kaifu

Quality HATAGO

Quality Hatago
Dec. 06, 2016

Today we visit some open-air bath with magnificent views of the
Ise Bay, between Mie and Aichi.

We introduce a hatago that tekes great pride in its baths, once
ranked #1 among Japan’s open-air baths.

Shuku Kaifu

Here you can enjoy an open-air bath with a view so beautiful it will take your breath away.

In total, there are five different types of open-air baths.

And the cuisine made from the many blessings of Ise Bay is simply mouth watering..

Let’s explore the many attractions of Shuku Kaifu,
where you can enjoy the absolute best of Ise Bay.

・Shuku Kaifu