Best-Selling Pumpkin Pudding Finally Available in Tokyo

The Insight Team

Insight Pages Editor Crayon House
Mar. 15, 2017

At Crayonhouse in Aoyama you can enjoy organic coffee or tea with delicious organic cakes baked on-site, every afternoon. The portions are generous, quite different from the sample-size cakes offered at many cafes.

The best-selling “pumpkin pudding” made at the Osaka store Delica can now also be tasted at the Tokyo restaurant!

This exquisite pudding is made of organic pumpkins, eggs, sugar, milk and fresh cream without any food additives such as preservatives, sweeteners, coloring agents etc. All ingredients are procured from organic farms in Hokkaido and Western Japan.

The rich flavor and texture not found in other puddings is amazing and enjoyed by children and adults.

The pudding can also be ordered from the Crayonhouse website:

One set of 6 pieces (about 70 g each) costs ¥2,100 including tax.