Building a MORI LIVING Running Community

Kelly Wetherille

Mar. 21, 2017

Everyone wants to feel like they’re part of a community, and what better way to build a lasting community than by getting together people of similar interests who live near each other? This was the idea behind MORI LIVING’s first-ever four-part event series, which took place between December and February. Runners of various levels were invited to participate, from those who run regularly but mostly for fun, to those training for a marathon.

The series of running clinics was sponsored by Adidas, which fitted each participant with a brand new, complimentary pair of running shoes and also provided complimentary t-shirts. The clinics were led by Taro Shirato, a professional triathlete at the top of his field. Mr. Shirato coached participants in a variety of outdoor running drills, as well as indoor training exercises aimed to make them stronger and faster runners.

Participants in the clinics included both men and women, Japanese and non-Japanese, and a wide range of ages. The final event was held on February 25, and the following day some participants ran the Tokyo Marathon, putting what they had learned to good use. But the real measure of success was the fact that, over the series of four events, participants got to know each other and to feel part of a community. By the last session, they were exchanging contact details and making plans to meet up to train together in the future.

MORI LIVING is planning to hold another series of running clinics next year, and hopes to also apply this type of event to other sports and hobbies as well. My vote goes for a series of yoga workshops!