Channel Your Inner Superhero at Marvel Exhibit

Kelly Wetherille

Jun. 19, 2017

What child growing up hasn’t dreamt of having superpowers? Even as an adult I sometimes still wish I could fly, become invisible, or fight the world’s evil villains in a high-tech armored suit. This is why it’s so much fun to visit the exhibition “Marvel: Age of Heros,” which runs through June 25 at Tokyo City View.

I was pleased to learn that the exhibit is not just for superfans. While I have never read a comic book, I still found it to be both fascinating and entertaining. I loved learning about the company’s history just as much as I enjoyed seeing the actual costumes used in the Marvel films and the life-sized replicas.

Some of the highlights of the exhibition for me were seeing a copy of the first-ever Marvel comic book (only about 30 are still in existence today), learning about some of the lesser-known heroes (including Ms. Marvel), and walking through the rooms that showed parts of the movie-making process (such as special effects, concept art, and costumes). A popular photo spot is in front of a huge, five-meter-tall Iron Man statue that stands in the first room (the first time its ever been on display in Japan!). Its head nearly reaches the top of the high ceiling, and at night there is a light show to entertain visitors.

Outside the exhibit are two gift shops, one a general gift shop, the other offering all manner of Marvel-themed merchandise for sale. The first shop does stock figures from the exhibition and made by Hot Toys and are some of the most detailed and life-like recreations I have ever seen. The second shop stocks limited-edition items such as tote bags, t-shirts and posters. From life-sized replicas to Captain America’s famous shield, these works are definitely worth a look (and perhaps a few photos), even if you don’t plan on buying anything!