Coconoma Season Dining: A Great Spot for a Business Lunch

JI CORE 50 Professional Monitors

JI Core 50 Professional Monitors
Jun. 19, 2017

Coconoma Season Dining

by Vicki L. Beyer

The other day I caught up with a business acquaintance for lunch at Coconoma Season Dining. Situated on Roppongi-dori on the edge of Roppongi near Nishi-azabu, the location turned out to be about halfway between his Shibuya office and my office in Akasaka, so it was convenient for both of us.

But more important than location was the place itself. The restaurant has three dining areas, two bathed in light from large windows facing the street.

Since I knew there would be business to discuss, I chose the quiet interior dining room, dark with sophisticated mood lighting and, the day I was there, a splash of color from a branch of late season cherry blossoms in a large floor stand. Importantly for a business lunch, Coconoma accepts reservations.

The lunch menu contained quick and reasonably priced lunch specials, including a plate lunch with choices of meat or fish of the day (JPY 1,000), pasta or risotto selections (JPY 1,200), curry (JPY 1,400) or their soup/salad buffet (JPY 800). The soup/salad buffet could be added to the plate or pasta lunch for JPY 200.

There was also a JPY 2,950 five course business lunch offering a trip to the salad bar, an appetizer plate, pasta, meat or fish, and dessert, if you’re really hungry or looking for a bit of leisurely pampering.

The soup/salad bar contained a variety of stand fresh salad fixings, as well as potato salad and, the day I was there, a very tasty onion consomme. Personally, I don’t think there were enough options to make this a satisfying lunch (unless you’re a rabbit), but certainly there was enough to assemble a good side salad to complement your meal, which is what we did.

My companion chose the day’s meat dish, beautifully presented pork loin, which he declared to be melt-in-your-mouth tender. I went with the seafood orecchiette. While very flavorsome, was a little too dry for my taste in spite of its tomato sauce.

Around the corner from the soup/salad bar was self service coffee and tea to finish the meal. We splurged by adding dessert: a little cheesecake, mango sorbet and some fresh fruit on a splash of coulis, at once refreshing and satisfying.

The staff were attentive without hovering. They advised us on our menu choices and were otherwise there whenever we needed them, but gave us space to engage in our business discussions. This contributed to the genteel and relaxed atmosphere.

Overall we had a satisfying meal in pleasant surroundings conducive to productive conversation. What more could one ask for in a business lunch?