Domestic and Imported Organic Products In-store!

The Insight Team

Insight Pages Editor Crayon House
Feb. 13, 2018

Crayonhouse has renovated the shop in Omotesando and added many domestic and imported organic products. For pet owners, the corner with organic pet food is also interesting.

Fish from the Japan Sea and meat products from free-range animals are also available. Fish and other marine products cannot (yet) obtain organic certification. Domestic organic meat is scarce and imported products are very expensive. As an alternative, Crayonhouse offers meat products from farms which care about animal welfare.


The cold weather has affected and reduced domestic vegetable production and the prices have increased considerably. In spite of this, the prices of veggie boxes with organic vegetables from contracted farmers in Western Japan are still the same.


More information – about veggie boxes and other products in Japanese and English (currently in the process) are on the following websites:

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