Eat Right: Where to Find Organic Bread in Japan

The Insight Team

Insight Pages Editor Crayon House
Mar. 13, 2017

Nowadays bread has become very popular in Japan, and many Japanese, especially young and working people, prefer bread for breakfast. A large variety of soft wheat bread is offered my many large and small bakeries. Japanese seem to prefer this type of bread, while Germans and other Europeans prefer mixed, rye and full-grain bread which is healthier.

It’s always been a problem to find brown, tasty and healthy bread in Japan, and organic bread is still scarce. With the growing demand for organic products, the situation has improved, and more organic bread (domestic and imported products) is available at some shops and via the internet.


Organic Bread available at Crayonhouse

For many years Crayonhouse has been offering several types of full-grain/wholemeal organic bread imported from Germany. In February 2017 they have added organic wheat bread from the Shirokuma Bakery in Hokkaido.

Shirokuma participated in the Organic Lifestyle EXPO 2016 and recently conducted a trial sale in Tokyo where the bread was sold out in two days. With this campaign and Crayonhouse as a new distributor, Shirokuma is expanding from Hokkaido to to other regions.

The Organic JAS certified  bread is produced in their bakery in Sapporo and made of organic wheat grown by Tanakaya in  Shinobazu village approximately 40 km northeast of Sapporo. Shinobazu village is well-known for many organic farmers.


Shirokuma Organic Bread at Crayonhouse in Aoyama

Crayonhouse is planning to offer the Shirokuma Bread also at their Osaka branch store. Organic bread and many other products can also be ordered via the internet.

The organic bread shown above is offered as a plain and a whole-grain/meal type.


Currently available products (see the image above) from left to right:

Plain type bread – French type loaf – whole-grain bread – plain rolls – bagles – raisin rolls

These products can be bought/ordered individually or in sets.

Shirokuma is developing and testing new products, such as rolls with organic tomatoes and pumpkin from Hokkaido.


What is Shirokuma Bakery?

The logo of the Shirokuma bakery shows a polar bear motif symbolizing the rich blessings of the earth and the great power of nature. There are still many brown bears in Hokkaido, but no polar bears.

Organic Bread is also available at Alishan and Mie Project, both major importers of organic products.


For more information, please visit Crayonhouse and their website or contact Global Organic Network/GON.