Enoshima Island Spa: a Spa for Everyone

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The Enoshima Island Spa
Jun. 22, 2017

by Sarajean Rossitto

Whether for a luxurious day of spa treatments, high quality food and bathing or several hours at the pools and sauna, your tension will melt away.

To escape your busy life in Tokyo, Enoshima Spa, “Enospa”, makes a great get quick away. Whether for a luxurious day of spa treatments, high quality food and bathing or several hours at the pools and sauna, your tension will melt away. Enospa includes co-ed public bathing facilities, gender separated relaxation rooms and private bathing areas. The fourth floor – surrounded by great views of the bay and coast – features a restaurant and treatment spa for facials, massages and other body treatments.

Taking one day to enjoy the full experience, I started with lunch, followed by a spa treatment and an afternoon in the pools and sauna.

The Island Grill Japanese-Mediterranean menu focuses on local seafood and everything was of the highest quality. The a la carte menu features interesting pasta and pizza choices. The salmon-salad pizza with vegetables had a light crust, fresh salmon, and sweet cherry tomatoes. The array of fresh green vegetables and boiled egg made it a satisfying, healthy meal.

The lunch courses are based on seasonal ingredients. The Sea Lunch started with mixed appetizers including a fluffy frittata, prosciutto wrapped tofu, ratatouille and a simple salad.

The next course was a soy milk corn soup served with olive oil; not salty-sweet or heavy like ordinary corn potage.

The main dish was grilled fish (varies by the season) served on chopped boiled potatoes and sweet beans with a light tarako (Pollack roe) tomato cream sauce and a sprinkling of shirasu (white bate or young sardines), a local specialty.

To make the experience complete, a generous helping of kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) cake was served with chocolate sauce, blueberries and vanilla ice cream.

Given the quality, portions, taste and price this restaurant has high cost-performance value. Many places in this in the tourist area have ¥2000 lunches yet simple and without all the choices or atmosphere.

After lunch I went for my one-hour Gentle Relaxation treatment. The Staff are well trained and explained everything clearly from the teas to what kind of massage oils one could choose from. As someone with a many allergies, I appreciated being able to select a massage oil. After the amazing, yet filling, lunch, I was able to relax and felt very light at the end.

After the treatment, I rented a swimsuit, and enjoyed the sauna, cave pool and Jacuzzi on the first and second floor for a few hours. I was told by local spa members that on clear days one is

Enospa is definitely worth a day trip to de-stress and detox. You can opt for a full day experience, but even on a budget you can enjoy the experience. If you would rather not have a big lunch, you can get a savory or sweet crêpe and drinks at the café near the pools. Either way you are promised delightful views. Enospa is located 60-90 minutes from Tokyo, and 30-40 min from Yokohama.

Visit the Website for full access details http://enoshimaislandspa.com/