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Feb. 13, 2014
Frequently asked Questions


Q1. Are all smartphones by Expansys unlocked or new?

At Expansys we only offer new products that are all unlocked by the manufacturer. There are times when items are opened for inspections and are still brand new. We also have  B-stock items which are much cheaper than new ones.

  Q2.How long does it take to receive goods at hand from Hong Kong?

Smartphones and tablets can be delivered from our warehouse in Hong Kong to Japan through FedEx, and it usually takes between 2-3 business days to receive at hand. (Please note that FedEx does not deliver goods to Japan on the weekend).

In addition accessories and smart devices ordered through registered FedEx mail takes between 1 to 2 weeks.

In addition you can choose to opt for Yamato Transport Co Ltd for average 2 – 4 days to reach Japan.

Q3. How much is the shipping costs to Japan?

It is possible to select the shipping cost to Japan depending on the Logistics provider. Shipping cost is displayed on the checkout page of Expansys website when you order goods, prices below can be subjected to change:

  • Japan FedEx ( between 1 – 2 business working days)   price: 2,100 yen minimum

  • * Japan – Yamato Transport, Co, Ltd ( between 2-4 business working days) price:1,600 yen minimum

 * Shipment cost and duration through Yamato Transport CO, Ltd for both C.O.D and credit card purchases are priced at : 2,800 yen, please refer to our delivery table from our logistics provider here 

 Q4.What payment options are available?

At Expansys Japan site, we offer our valuable consumers three choices, Paypal, Credit card or Cash on Delivery service that is only available through Yamato Transport shipments.

Q5.What are the incurred costs of purchasing with Expansys?

 Please bear in mind that the following costs may be incurred


For goods purchased through Cash on Delivery (COD), purchase value of less than 20,000 yen a service fee of 300 yen will be charged , and goods over the value of 20,000 yen will not be charged a service fee of 300yen.

(cost of goods + shipment cost + handling fee (if COD is selected) + tax* ( usually charged in the invoice when goods are delivered to you by Yamato Ltd)


(cost of goods + shipment cost ) + tax Fedex

Fedex will provide you with a tax statement after you have received the goods which you can pay at any convenient store

( tax charges are subjected by Shipping companies which may vary and Expansys Japan has no control over this)

Q6.Are order cancellations possible?

 Cancellations on all orders up to before time of shipment is possible and no cancellation fee is charged. This includes payment by Credit card or Paypal and Cash on Delivery.

The types of credit we accept are;

  • Visa
  • Master
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Diners Club

 Q7. What happens if orders are cancelled after shipment?

Our customer service team, will only refund the cost of the goods purchased through Expansys and you will have to incur the shipping cost to Japan and also shipping costs back to Hong Kong & Taxes through customs. For further inquires please call our customer service Tel: 03-4589-5692  or email: jp-sales@expansys.com


Q8. Can a payment invoice be issued?

Payment invoice receipt of goods is issued only for Corporate customers, however please contact our customer service before ordering any items if you require payment invoice receipt.

Q9.Do you also ship goods to other countries except Japan?

 There are a few selected countries that can be shipped to, however please contact our customer service for more details.

Q10. Do goods come under any warranty?

Please refer to our Hong Kong Expansys website regarding warranty goods and whether refunds are possible under the conditions specified in the warranty here.

Q11. Can I use an unlock phone in Japan or another country?

Depending on the local carrier in the country of interest, smartphones with LTE or 3G band network can be used. However Expansys cannot guarantee if it will work or not, and the best is to consult with the local mobile operating carriers in the country of interest.

Here is a table on Wikipedia that shows the list of LTE/Network Frequency coverage by each country, this can be used as a reference.

*Note please check the product specifications of each smartphone on our website before you decided to purchase one.

All smartphones listed on Expansys Asia websites are compatible in those regions – Asia&Australasia and Middle East.