Feel the sound of the breeze:SETRE MARINA BIWAKO

Quality HATAGO

Quality Hatago
Oct. 31, 2016

The city of Moriyama in Shiga Prefecture overlooks Lake Biwa

This town thrived as an important post town on the Nakasendo during the Edo Period.
Here, the tranquil natural surroundings of Lake Biwa

Combine with a cornucopia of food grown from the region’s plentiful water and fertile soil.

Also nestled here is Setre Marina Biwako, where you can pass the time together with nature and the great Lake Biwa.

A gentle breeze blows in and around Lake Biwa

The winds take on a completely different character depending on the time of day and season.

In the Music Hall,you can actually feel the sound of the breeze

A moment of rest and respite at Lake Biwa.

Another attraction is the Italian cuisine made with local ingredients.

Let’s explore what makes Setre Marina Biwako such a popular destination.

Address:524-0102 Shiga Prefecture Moriyama Mizuho-cho, 1380-1 Yanmar in the Marina
TEL:+81-077-585-1125 (representative)
TEL:+81-077-585-1125 (bridal)