A Magical Night for Fathers and Daughters

Kelly Wetherille

Mar. 23, 2018

This February saw the fourth installment of one of MORI LIVING’s most popular events for residents: the Father Daughter Party. Perfect for fathers who are usually busy at work to spend a special time leisurely with their daughters. This dance party has grown so much that this year’s event was the most well attended so far, to the point where not all applicants were even able to join. As always, it was a fun afternoon for all involved, full of lots of smiles and laughs.

This year’s Father-Daughter Party had a “Magical Tale” theme, which of course was a hit among the little ones. The stage had a castle-inspired backdrop, all fathers were given top hats to use in their dance routines, and the girls had glittery magic wands. I watched each group of guests practice their dance routines, which seemed more difficult this time than in previous years. But the fathers all had good-natured attitudes and gave it their best, while the girls were very impressive with how well they were able to learn the steps. A big round of applause came from mothers who joined later.

In addition to the dance performances, this time there was also a magician who went from table to table doing tricks. The looks of awe on the children’s faces were priceless!

Other popular attractions at the party included a photo booth with hidden images on the wall that only appeared when a flash was used, displays of luxury watches, a candy buffet, and – my personal favorite – a booth where a professional paper artist made cut-out portraits of guests’ profiles on the spot. It was so fascinating watching her create detailed masterpieces with nothing more than a pair of scissors.

Each year the MORI LIVING Father Daughter Party outdoes itself and leaves guests buzzing about how great it was. I can’t wait to see what’s new next time!