Martian Watches – More than a Smartwatch


Product Marketing EXPANSYS
Apr. 03, 2014

Martian Watches are one of the few voice command watches available in the Market. Classified as a stylish watch with superior voice recognition functions position itself between a wearable device and smart watch. Most smart watches have touch panel interfaces, however Martian Watches operate differently.

Minimum Requirements to use Martian Watches

Your smartphone must come with Bluetooth wireless technology and the Martian app is available both on Google play and Apple store.

Cool Features:

  • Receive notifications from your smartphone to the watch anywhere, anytime – text messages , calender alerts, twitter tweets & emails )
  • Answer calls from your phone with inbuilt speakers and microphone
  • Remote trigger of camera shutter allows you to take photos with a press of a button on the watch
  • Voice command recognition and activation of endless functions.


  • Martian Watch
  • Micro USB Charging cable.

3 series types 

  1. G2G – available in White & Lime
  2. Passport – available in White, Silver & Black
  3. Victory – available in White, Silver & Black


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