Namari Onsen Kokoronotoki Jusangatsu:a new kind of hatago that fuses Western quality with Japanese elegance.

Quality HATAGO

Quality Hatago
Feb. 12, 2017

The city of Hanamaki in Iwate Prefecture
is the birthplace of the poet Kenji Miyazawa.
Namari Onsen hot spring is located in the Hanamaki-Minami Onsen Valley.

It’s said the hot springs here have bubbled up to the
Surface for over 600 years.

Today’s hatago
opened just recently, in January 2015.

It’s Fujisan Ryokan Bettei Namari Onsen Kokoronotoki Jusangatsu.

Its modern, Western-style guest rooms are
each based on a unique concept.

The rooms feature open-air baths sourced 100% from the spring,
so guests can enjoy natural hot spring baths right in their rooms.

The inn also offers communal hot-spring baths, each with its own feel,
featuring water drawn from four different sources.

The standing bath, about 1.25 meters deep, is rare even in Japan.

Enjoy the gurgling sounds of the nearby Toyosawa River,
famous for its Japanese char and ayu fishing in the spring.

Open-air baths suffused with a rustic feel
and a new form of Japanese inn fusing Western and Japanese tastes:

let’s explore the attractions of
Namari Onsen Kokoronotoki Jusangatsu.

・Namari Onsen Kokoronotoki Jusangatsu