Organic Izakaya: Relaxing Outdoors During the Summer Season

The Insight Team

Insight Pages Editor Crayon House
Jul. 27, 2017

In the summer, all over Tokyo one can find air-conditioned eateries and temperature-controlled establishments in which to relax — but also run the risk of catching a cold. A healthier alternative are cafés and restaurants with an outdoor terrace and the numerous beer gardens that dot Tokyo’s rooftops.

Beer gardens are open only during the weather from late spring to early autumn. There are also a few more decorative, but rather expensive beer gardens on ground level with landscaped terraces and trees as well as ones with views of the seaside.

Most beer gardens offer various brands of domestic bottled beer, while some also cater to the more pricey craft beers. However, most customers prefer draught beer served in chilled mugs or pitchers, even though it can get a bit expensive (sometimes with too much froth!) and the beer gets warm quickly in Japan’s summer heat.

The food (with some exceptions) is mediocre typical beer hall fair.

Crayonhouse — located in central Tokyo with a branch in Osaka — is a pioneer of the organic movement in Japan. Customers can find at its shops and on its website a wide range of natural and organic food and non-food products such as

  • Certified organic food and beverages
  • Natural cosmetics and textiles
  • Toys, books and much more.

The certified organic restaurant with a terrace welcomes guests for a coffee break and delicious organic food for lunch or dinner. Every Monday is a meat-free day with a buffet suitable for vegetarian and vegans.

Organic food and beverages are not yet on the menu at beer gardens. A visit to Crayonhouse is a must if you’re interested in experiencing a full, organic beer garden experience.

Outdoor Organic Izakaya

Crayonhouse has started an organic izakaya on the terrace of their restaurant in Omotesando. Customers can enjoy a variety of organic snacks including small dishes from the buffet together with organic beverages (beer, wine and soft drinks) in a relaxing atmosphere. The prices are very reasonable. Click here to see the menu.