Parent and Child Classes


Teacher Kspace International School
Apr. 01, 2013

Christmas Parties!  

*Enroll before mid-December and you can enjoy the great sessions and surprises we offer parents and their children in the run up to Christmas Day. Please join us for our special Christmas parties and meet our enigmatic teachers……and maybe even Santa!

  • Parties are scheduled every day from Monday December 14th to Saturday December 19th.
  • Christmas party fees are 3,000yen to 5,000(pretax) per child, dependent upon age group and length of lesson.
  • Contact us now for more details and to book a welcome tour and pre-Christmas free session!

Kspace – Parent and Child Classes (Ages 3 months to 4 yrs)

We offer you great opportunities to roll up sleeves and have fun with your child! Choose from a range of action orientated, interactive programmes, where you enjoy your time as much as the kiddies do! Our beautiful soft gym is always decorated to mesmerize the children, our teachers are very entertaining and professional, and we strive to provide a little bit of the best of home, in Tokyo.

Take a look at our classes:

Kspace Baby – 3 months to standing stage

From 3 months up to children who are just standing. Baby Music/Movement/Sensory Classes with textures, sensory mats, bubbles, puppets, percussion instruments, live music played by professional musicians in each group…and so much more!
– 45 minutes

Kspace Toddler – Standing to running stages (up to 1.5/ 2 yrs approx)

A great class for toddlers who can stand confidently move around, to walkers & runners. Toddler music, fun themes and lyrics, movement and sensory stimulation, work with percussion instruments and puppets, very basic phonics/maths and all foundation work for more challenging programmes
– 45 minutes

Kspace Junior – 1.5yrs to 4 yrs

As your child becomes more capable and curious we offer a wider range of 1hr to 2 hr classes that focus on Art, Music, Phonics, Cookery and many other activities that our highly mobile and energetic kids love as they seek further challenge and stimulation. Classes include:

  • Little Bugs (Pre-Kindy Readiness Class) 90 minutes
  • Stories and Sounds (Phonics based), 75 minutes
  • Fab Fridays (Cookery, Movie-Making, Phonics, Festivals/Special Events (Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc)

Saturday Family Circle Time – 6 months to 2.5years (45 mins)

Saturday parent & child classes are extremely popular with fathers, working parents and families who wish to come along together. They offer a unique opportunity to enjoy some fun bonding with your child and other parents and children from our community – and they a set perfectly in the morning so you have plenty of time to get on with your day afterwards!

Parent Workshops

To further support parents we also run Emergency Care courses and other workshops like Sibling Rivalry, School Interview Preparedness and English for parents of EFL students. Details can be found on our website or courses can be tailored for groups: