Roppongi Hills Celebrates Innovation

Kelly Wetherille

Nov. 08, 2017

Beginning of October Roppongi Hills hosted “Innovation Tokyo 2017”, a series of events and demonstrations celebrating innovation and technology.Bringing the whole complex of Roppongi Hills to life with interesting technologies and sciences.

One example was a demonstration of soccer-playing robots by the Tokyo Polytechnic University, which placed fifth in this year’s Robocup, an international robotics competition aimed at developing robots that can beat top human athletes in a game of soccer. After the demo, I got a chance to try controlling one of the robots myself, and I was impressed by how accurate and responsive it was. Other interactive events included science experiments for kids and demonstrations of unmanned carts designed to deliver packages.

Another major component of “Innovation Tokyo 2017” was the “Innovative City Forum”, which has been held annually since 2013. As an international conference to consider the future of cities and lifestyles, it brings together leaders in the fields of art, design, science, technology and more to discuss topics that emerge as the world continues to innovate.I had the chance to sit in on some of the talks and brainstorming sessions during the forum.  The breakout session I As a freelancer myself who is all in favor of flexible work styles, I found the discussion to be very interesting!