Shellista – 100% Natural and Safe Disinfecting Deodorant

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Feb. 13, 2018

Shellista is a sterilized deodorant containing calcium made of scallop shells from Hokkaido. It is strongly alkaline and can be used for removing bacteria and odors.

Powder and Spray

The raw material is certified as a food additive. Therefore, it is safe when touching the skin or entering the mouth. Taste- and odorless Shellista will not affect the taste. The powder type is dissolved in water and can be used for washing vegetables, fruits and rice, as well as for cleaning nursing bottles which are prone to breeding bacteria. In conclusion, Shellista can be used for many purposes – for children, adults and elderly as well as
for pets.

Environmental benefits

With the increase of the scallop aquaculture fishery in the Okhotsk Seacoast of Hokkaido large amounts of scallop shells are being scrapped. Some are used for fertilizer, but a huge volume ends up as industrial waste. Using these shells for making environmentally friendly products contributes to a better environment.

Shellista will soon also be available in shops.


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