Tableaux Daikanyama: Tokyo’s Most Stylish European-style Diner

The Insight Team

Insight Pages Editor Tableaux
Nov. 23, 2016

The gentle sound of crystal glasses clinking, the voices of couples softly chatting and the ladies laughing on the patio instantly take you on an imaginary journey into a world of class and style inspired by a scene of a James Bond movie. You are here at Tableaux, having a special dinner on a late Friday night and you couldn’t be asking for more. Welcome to one of Tokyo’s most stylish Europe-inspired restaurants in the city.

Long admired by the foreign community, one feature that never fails to impress about this 24-year-old diner, located in the heart of artistic Daikanyama, is that it never stops to improve. From menus revamping every two months and special seasonal dinners, to new wine imports and décor changes, here every tomorrow is different from yesterday. Yet, it still manages to maintain its core values— the class, the exquisite food, the expert staff and stylish ambient, reminiscent of a high-end casino.

Recently revamped, Tableaux now boast an impressive open-air coach lounge offering a splendid view of the restaurant’s fountain, where customers are invited to experience one of the newest additions to the restaurant: the Happy Hour — two joyful hours of champagne, wine, beer and original cocktails, all for ¥500 a glass.


The meals at Tableaux are French-inspired at their core, but with a newly appointed Italian manager and a restlessly creative executive chef whose culinary passion stretches from California to Denmark and all the way around, the menu changes regularly and it’s filled with exquisite bits and bites from around the globe that will make you crave for more — regardless of how full you are.


Take the newly introduced Smorrebrod, for example. This Danish open sandwich, presented beautifully on a skillfully-decorated plate, is topped with salmon, gorgonzola, beets, fig and walnuts (¥800), mixing tastes favored across the globe. But one can’t visit Tableaux without tasting its signature beef steak, a 250-gram, 55-days dry-aging beef Sirloin steak (¥8,800). This perfectly charred crust with a blush of pinkness in its center and an optimum quantity of fat nearly melts in your mouth and needs no dressing or garnish (it still has it on the side if you prefer) — it is simply one of the best meat experiences you’ll ever have in Tokyo.


End your night at Tableaux with a gateau chocolat (¥1,200), a rich heavenly dessert topped with raspberries, golden petals and — surprisingly — Chinese pepper. This dangerous spicy addition helps you absorb the rich sweetness in a double-edge sword result that makes you satisfied and full, yet craving for more.


The customer scene at Tableaux is as rich as the restaurant’s history and creativity. There are couples quietly having dinner, celebrating a special occasion. There are businessmen having an after-work dinner with colleagues, chatting over wine and cheese. There are men heading to the restaurant’s bar lounge for a cigar and a glass of whiskey. There are women, dressed to impress, perhaps waiting for their dates. But wherever they come from and wherever they were heading to from the next day, they are all sharing a dining experience they would not forget.

They know what they’re doing at Tableaux. And what they’re doing makes you look forward to another day.