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Meg and Naoko

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Nov. 09, 2015

Started in 2015 by Tokyo locals Meg and Naoko, Oishii Tokyo Food Tours has been gaining popularity for their small size, attention to detail and, of course, the awesome Japanese restaurants featured on the guided walking trips.

There are three types of tours held regularly, including the Aka Chochin (Red Lantern), the Showa Retro and the Underpass tours. All are done in small groups, so you won’t be following a flag as a large crowd. The whole concept is to have visitors to Tokyo eat, drink and enjoy the lively atmosphere of city eateries just like the locals do.

Each of the guides is fully bilingual and full of hospitality. They love talking with people and sharing different aspects of Japanese food culture. Meg and Naoko eager to learn new things and always searching ways to make their customers happier and their dinner walks more interesting.

The excursions cost between ¥13,000-¥15,000 per person, but this includes food and drink—and usually up to five locations. The tours can accommodate a minimum of two people and a maximum of 10 people and can be customized depending on clients preferences.

For more info check the Oishii Tokyo website.

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